City Connector: the new Parkeon
couponing service

Parkeon launches a new couponing services that is directly available from the multi-service kiosk to boost local trade and thus bring city centres back to life. Special offers from local traders are directly available from the multi-service kiosk, when you have paid your parking fee

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A dynamic economic environment is fundamental to ensure the quality of life in cities. Yet with the development in shopping malls on the edge of towns, your local businesses and services need to find new ways to boost their activity. We suggest using the Parkeon multi-service kiosk to generate flows of commercial information and coupons with discounts in order to encourage city-dwellers to rediscover their neighbourhood businesses.


This exclusive and innovative service is available on the colour screen Parkeon terminals. Anyone (pedestrian or motorists alike) can used it to get local discount coupons that can be used immediately and near to the Pay & Display terminal thanks to a geo-location service.

Distributing paper coupons is a powerful advertising and communication tool, which generates traffic in the store and also encourages people to buy. Pay and Display terminal have become real interactive multi-service kiosks and have become a neighbourhood search tool. The discount coupon is often worth more than the cost of parking and the parking charge thus becomes painless.


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  1. Parkeon registers the traders that wish to take part of the operations in their management interface.
  2. The traders then draw up their offers and Parkeon distributes them on the Pay and Display machines fitted with colour screens and installed along the roads.
  3. The user can see offers from the nearest traders and decide whether or not to print the discount coupon  free of charge and without registering.
  4. The discount coupons can be immediately handed over to the traders and deducted from the cost of the purchase.



If their Pay and Display terminals are still not fitted with colour screens, the cities will have to invest in customisable and interactive screen where the local information can be displayed. This investment changes the Pay and Display terminal into a full-fledged medium, that can be used by anyone.  It becomes a new efficient and modern communication channel, which also has the advantage of being a way to interact with the general public. The traders pay a monthly registration fee to distribute, display and print coupons.

Users benefit from their system by paying for their parking charges and pedestrians have free access to the offers displayed on the Pay and Display machine.



  • A service to benefit everyone, motorists and pedestrians alike.
  • A non intrusive device, with no need to sign up for it. User-friendly, quick and free.
  • A discount coupon to be handed directly to the trader.
  • A choice of coupons customized for your city’s businesses.
  • This provides traders with an opportunity to raise their profile and to develop their business by expanding catchment area
  • The success of the project is measured in terms of the number of coupons printed and displayed, along with the number of traders signed up.
  • A pioneering service in the history of smart Pay and Display machines.